[Solved] Adding files to usb stick

Hello. May I add files to usb stick without taking it out of Volumio device? If ‘yes’ how can I do it cause ‘copy- paste’ way doesn’t seem to be working. Many thanks!


I’ve managed to delete files from the USB stick attached to my cubox-i 4 pro over the USB share in my (windows) network map, and also add radio stations to the webradio share; but volumio always falls over if I try to add large [24/88-192] files to the USB share whilst the stick is attached. I tried to rectify this by having everything upnp/dnla indexed but that didn’t help. So another instance of a feature being network rather than volumio dependant.

This was the way I tried to do it, the copying icon appears but process does not start. Than it says ‘network error’. I’m using Windows 8. Do I have to change some of the network settings may be? And thanking you again for help!

Pull the USB stick out and attach it to where ever the files are stored, and then put it back. Over USB 2.0 filling a 60gb stick takes about an hour when connected straight in to my NAS. I guess a USB 2 connection on a windows 8 machine will take around the same time. I use the USB stick when I take the Cubox away from my lan. Seriously the time it will take you to do this over you network will be much longer than that, if you get it to work at all.

…just was curios if it’s possible to do that via network. Will try to play with network settings or google the error code for solution… will post if succeeded. Thanks for help.

you can do it, but it will take a while.

With my config it takes 45 sec for one mp3 file (3.5 mb)
So if you are planning to copy more than 10 files … forget it :smiley:
Shutdown your Device, plug in your usb stick to your PC and copy it.

At 12 seconds per megabyte it will take 3 hours to write one GB, or 8 days to fill a 60gb stick. :open_mouth:

Back in the day this was the sort of speed it took to download files over a fastish phone line/modem which was the reason low res mp3 was invented. As downloading a .cda/.wav album would take around two to three hours. But the same files as mp3’s could be downloaded in minutes.

…mm, got it. Thanks mates! :slight_smile: