[Solved] Accessing USB drive on raspberry from network?

Im planning to use volumio + raspberry, and should also still buy a nas to put the music on.

But then i thought: what if i simply connect an ssd drive to the raspberry? It would make sure that i never have any network related playback issues, and i wouldnt have to buy a nas (i dont need a nas for any other purpose so …). I would probably have to provide power to the SSD using an usb hub, but thats easy to solve.

But the only thing i dont know is: would i be able to access the usb disk so i can upload new music? (the raspberry might not be able to handle copying while playing, but that wouldnt be a disaster)

Simple Answer: Yes

The uploading speed is not the greatest but it works.
To Upload new music go to the explorer -> network
You should see the Volumio