[Solved] Accessing saved playlists (Volumio 1.5)


I have v1.5 on a raspberry pi, and I can’t seem to access, or even find saved playlists. Any ideas?

playlists of spotify? playlists you have created?
You need Spotify Premium to you it, and you have to reboot after you typed in your login data.
When you upgrade Volumio 1.4 to 1.5 you will loose all your settings and playlists.

To avoid this, you can backup all your playlists before upgrading ; they’re located in /var/lib/mpd/playlists

Playlists you create from, for example, music that is available on a USB, not a Spotify account.

In the playlist tab, you can save playlists, and I was wondering how to access them.

For some reason when I save a playlist, it is not actually saving anywhere.

They should appear in the “root” fodler in browse tab. If it’s not the case, might be a bug. I haven’t tried it yet.

Seems like a bug. I also cannot save any playlists. I’m running the Volumio 1.5 version for hummingboard.
But I solved it.

Solution: First I have changed the path to my playlists in /etc/mpd.conf to a folder on my usb-drive (something like /mnt/USB/myplaylists). Then did a reboot of mpd. Now my playlists are saved. I can choose them from the library.

I also was not able to see or retrieve playlists with 1.5 on a Beaglebone Black. Was not able to move the file to a USB drive as mentioned above as I am just using web radio and Spotify right now. However I was able to fix it by adding write permissions to all for the playlists directory:
ssh into Volumio:
ssh volumio@[ip address of volumio]
(password if prompted is volumio by default)

cd /var/lib/mpd
sudo chmod 777 playlists
then rebooted (although not sure a reboot is necessary)

The playlists now appear in the browse tab.

Hope that helps.

quick question. is the change preserved if you make any changes to your volumio settings.

Someone? I tried to find this information by searching on google and forum but not found.

read the entire thread before making a reply because this has been answered.

hint read the third post, you will need SFTP (that’s Ssh FTP not Secure FTP) to access the location. i recommend “Bitvise SSH Client” it’s free

I found my playlist were located here


The other locations mentioned were empty.
Vrsion 2.041

This thread refers to an old version of Volumio; saved data is now in different locations.