[Solved] A few steps behind!

OK, I’m a little bit behind the curve here, I’ve only just cottoned on to the possibilities of using a Raspberry Pi with Volumio, but there’s a new things I need to understand so I can get up to speed.

In my head, my scenario would play out like this…please feel free to chip in with any tips or “what would you want to do that for?” :slight_smile:

My storage is on my Netgear NAS Duo, which I currently use wirelessly and via Airplay (or Airfoil) to my AV Receiver.

What I want to do is to use the RPi/Volumio as my Media Center, using the NAS and be able to output to my AV (previously I thought it would be wireless, but the more I’ve thought about it, I want the audio fidelity so I’ll be going wired.)

My questions: I guess I’d still need to have something that tidies my library for dupes, tagging etc via a laptop. I assume Volumio will just play whatever I throw at it.

Would a RPI B+ with HIfiBerry DAC connected with a wireless dongle to connect to my NAS essentially be where I’d start? This is the way I understand it, but I think I’ve overdosed on so many Raspberry Pi resources that I think I need some definitive answers now before I commit…and possibly go awry!

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Yes, the scenario you mentioned is the one. You can also go wired, to your router…
You can use Volumio as Airplay device, but you can also use the WebUi to play your library directly, which will give you optimum results…

Thanks :slight_smile: I think I know which way I’m heading now.

For simplicity, I think I’ll remove any wireless element (to the NAS) and just go via USB. If Airplay doesn’t work, then going directly to the AV should cause less of a problem.

Let’s get ordering!