[SOLVED] 2.185 wont boot at all.?

Hello all,
So i was trying to update the volumio software, ran in to the issue i have read about on here, would not update, after reboot was the same version. On to the next step, reflashed the card with the new version. Volumio will not boot now.
This is on a rpi 3, it starts to boot, then stalls at a point, left it alone for quite some time, does not go beyond.

attached an image, cant access in any way, so took a pic of my tv…

Any ideas.?

Currupted card… loaded a new card with volumio, all good now…
now im having usb issues. cannot see the usb, run lsusb, does not see it. did before the update…?

To me it sounds like a PSU issue, use a better one