Soldering station

I know that here a alot of people with hw skills,
I want to buy a soldering iron or a station.
Could you please recomand me one, I see that are a lot of models…

this is the best soldering station I’ve ever tried

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What type of work are you planning to do?
For non hot air stuff, you can’t go wrong with the TS100 for ~50€

The usual stuff solder wires, resistors push buttons, without hot air involvement…, no smd or IC
I saw some kits on aliexpress at about 15 dollars…,

I’ve been using a Weller WHS 400 for years super thing. Adjustable temp so you’re not stuck with a certain type of solder (lead-wise).

Saving money on soldering equipment is a very very bad idea, the model @ashthespy and myself recommended is the best soldering iron you can find regarding quality/price ratio.

Look for some reviews (you will find plenty), especially with hacked firmware you will have features that you can usually find in soldering irons 5-10 times more expensive.

What soldering tip should I order as default for ts100 ts-I or ts-b2.

I will order the ts100 but I see I need to chose one tip, what will be OK to choose ts-d24 or ts-b2.

I have read on internet that ts100 has floating voltage on tip and can damage the components… This is true? And how can I fix this?


It’s written in the review, a ground strap is included in the bundle.

I’m using it for months with hacked firmware, no component was damaged so far