Software mixer and DSD source

On the lastest version as of today and the one thing I cannot figure out - or it’s not supported and couldn’t find anything regarding this - the software mixer does not work with DSD. The TEAC UD301 I’m using will show a bit rate of 176…4 instead of 2.8 when the software mixer is disabled. The software mixer works fine with other audio files such as 44.1/16.

Is this currently a limitation where the software mixer is not possible with DSD content?

Curious about this as well. I would really like to have Software volume control available for DSD so I don’t have to get up and adjust my Passive PreAmp volume control all the time

can we please get an answer on this. i found myself not using volumio simply because I can’t control the volume of everything remotely

DSD cannot be played with software mixer, and with hardware mixer if not set to 100.
This is a limitation of the DSD protocol itself: it needs to be bit-accurate to be decoded properly by most (if not all) USB DACs.
I tried to find a solution but it seems intrinsic to the DSD protocol

In this regard, I wanted to mention that the DSD payback volume is significantly lower than say flac files in Volumio. I use the hardware mixer. The same DSD files played in a DAP (pono player) still sound softer than the other files, but not as much as in Volumio. I was wondering if the volume level in DSDs could be increased prior to sending to the DAC. My DAC does not support DSD natively, so Volumio is already doing conversion. Therefore, there is no question of being bit perfect.

I can do this in Audirvana+, i.e. change the volume level while playing DSD.