Soekris dac1321 Help


I’ve been looking to upgrade my DAC saw a R2R DAC on Massdrop a while back. I did some research and stumbled on the Soekris DACs. Being one for simplicity I got the DAC 1321 as it looked to be basically the same DAC but lacked headphone amp and should just be easy to hookup.

I got it today and after reading the manual a couple times I’m a little stuck.

It has two USB “modes”, USB Audio Mode 1 and USB Audio Mode 2. This is the first time I’ve heard those terms. The manual goes on to say that drivers are necessary for Mode 2 on Windows. Obviously, not an issue here. The next line says that OS X and Linux should support Mode 2 without drivers. Ok!

So I wasn’t getting any sound out of the DAC after plugging it in. The DAC detected the USB connection and everything seems fine from its side. I tried both Mode 1 and 2 and didn’t seem to get any output. I turned to Google and found this: soekris-ladder-dac-t2553.html#p12959

I modified /etc/modules with:

snd_soc_pcm1794a snd_soc_rpi_dac
and was able to get sound.

However, here’s the rub. My audio setup is on the other side of my room where I work. Having the ability to change the volume via Volumio’s interface is awesome. After making this change I’ve lost that ability. I did have this issue once when I upgraded and was using a JDS Labs Element DAC.

Before I go and try different stuff I was hoping someone is using this DAC and can help me out a bit. Thanks!