So what's the big deal with "Class T" amps?

Alright, so the title was a bit inflammatory to get y’all interested. I have a basic knowledge of what a T amp is supposed to do, and why it was designed to fill that role. My real question is, how does it hold up

The last time I heard about T amps it was a novelty thing being over-hyped on gadget outlets (i.e. thinkgeekcom) with no real reputation. Now I get into a new subreddit and find them (Especially the Daytons) being recommended like helmets at a motocross. I take this to be a good sign that they provide a lot of bang for the buck, but given how few bucks they cost, leaves me wondering, how well does the bang hold up in comparison to their larger more well known Class AB counterparts?

TL;DR Does a Class T amp belong in a serious hi-fi setup, or is it limited to being a stepping stone for “I have $150, whats the best I can do?” situations?

They are amazing and ultra HiFi. You just have to drive high efficiency HiFi horn speakers >98db sensitivity.

A very interesting review about an amp sold on the shop :