SnapCast plugin seems to break Volumio

Short version of my question: is the SnapCast plugin working with the current versions of the plugin and Volumio?

Long version: I can’t seem to get the SnapCast plugin working at all - in fact it seems to break Volumio for me.

My set up:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ fitted with JustBoom DAC
  • latest version of Volumio
  • streaming from a NAS using the Hi-Fi Cast app on an Android tablet
  • occasional internet radio using the Volumio Android app to navigate controls

All the above works fine.

I decided to experiment with SnapCast to see if I could get it working, but I have not yet been able to even test it across two devices.

I watched this video tutorial:

I have installed the plugin both from the Volumio interface and via the command line. In all cases, as soon as the plugin is installed, Volumio no longer works. Web radios won’t start playing, and I cannot stream to Volumio over the network.

This is BEFORE the plugin is even activated, but after the plugin is activated it also doesn’t work. After activating the plugin I also tested before and after the ALSA re-write option was activated.

I have to reset to factory defaults each time as I can’t work out what’s gone wrong.

I tested this on another Pi 3B+ that has no DAC HAT, just using the built-in audio out jack - exactly the same result.

Any advice?



Which version does the plugin show? I’ve recently updated the binaries, because there were dependency issues. Also, can you get me the log file of the instance when trying to play something? I’ve recently installed snapcast on my Pi’s 1 through 3B+ and they all seemed to work with the latest version (which is not in the store). The store version is still the ‘old’ one, you need to manually install from GitHub, I’ve created a PR to have it merged.