Snapcast plugin multiroom sync


No matter how i set the Snapcast plugin I can’t get the synced multiroom playback between RPi 4 with Allo Digi one Signature and RPi 4 with Allo Boss v1.2

Can someone please walk through the correct setup of Snapcast plugin in order to get both players to play in sync ? :slight_smile:

Thank you

make sure you install the client and server snapcast in your main player. let’s say you name you main snapcast server as snapserver, you point the snapcast client to snapserver. on the second raspi, start the snap client and point it to snapserver. also, make sure the mpd config points the output to /tmp/snapfifo file. i have 4 raspis and the sync is superb! it just works. also make sure the stream is 48000 instead of 44100.

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