Small setup advice maybe using a PI


I’ve recently moved and am the proud owner of a separate office space these days, but naturally the lack of audio needs to be solved. Size of the room is quite small, so not a lot of power is required.

I currently own a Raspberry PI 2B and two bookshelfspeakers, which I figured I might use. However I’m a little confused about what my options are to add an amplifier to that. I could buy a cheap second hand receiver, but then I’d still need a DAC and I need two seperate devices, so preferably I’d add something directly to the PI.

Any advice from you guys? Thanks!

What is the rated power of those speakers?

there are so many different and all really good DACs for RPi and some of them even have AMPs on the same board like the x400 from suptronics, which is quite cheep. with this one u only need a rpi and passive speakers…
did you mean that?

Yes! I’d prefer to have a single package to play. No clue as to which amp is any good. Have looked at the x400 from suptronics, however it lists compatibility only with RPi 3 and up.

Came across the Hifiberry amp. Am using the digi for years now so might give it a try again.

I recently made this

Audio quality is excellent :slight_smile:, it works fine with any Raspberry Pi with 40-pin connector


As a bonus question (suppose I’m strechting this to the max…) Anyone aware of a board that would be capable of adding a phono in?

I have a Behringer sound card. It has both input and output RCA connectors. I just looked up and see there’s one for phono ( Might be your solution. It looks like mine, except it has a single phono-in jack in addition to the four RCA plugs. Mine works wonders.