Small gift for Volumio community: BassFly uHat

Hi Lumpy,

the idea of enabling voice-triggered commands was part of this project from the very beginning, this is the reason why you can add two I2S Microphone modules to the PCB.

You solution is nice and easy to apply, but unfortunately I’m not an Apple user.

@shivasiddharth made a very nice tutorial for integrating Google Assistant with Volumio

After my holidays I will try to make it up and running, adding voice-triggered commands will make this little device the definitive kitchen radio :slight_smile:

That looks good, my suggestion did not required any tinkering with Volumio itself if anybody wants a quick win, most on this forum would more than likely be up for a challenge :slight_smile:
In my own case I can also control the DAC/Amp with Python so it all ties together in the same voice command. Shortcuts in Apple devices is not giveN the credit it deserves.

Your project is really interesting, we just need somebody to help draw up a case (cnc?), will probably end up costing more than the components!

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A friend of mine is helping me with designing cases for some of the project I’m working on, printing them with a 3D printer is quite cheap and final result is very good (later on I’ll post pictures of some examples)

At the moment he’s busy with another project, when he will finish that I’ll ask him to prepare something nice for BassFly-uHAT.


As a proud owner of a BassFly I have to ask . Is it working with Volumio 3?

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Yes, of course :wink:, I am using it with Volumio3 since very early alpha releases.

some of the useful plugins are not available yet on Volumio3, but I have some scripts to install them manually, for the time-being.

With the new alsa_pipeline, mpd_oled shows the spectrogram also with spotify and spotify connect, it was not the case with Volumio2.

I also tested the BassFly-uHAT with the new RaspberryPi Zero v2, it works fine as well and the increased performance makes the system way more responsive!

My new RaspberryPi 2 Zero is arriving soon so I will give it a test! :slight_smile:

btw anything else you are preparing for us Dario? :grin:

Definitely yes, but I can’t give any detail :sweat_smile:
Since July I officially joined the Volumio team, I am currently busy with developing a new Volumio product

BTW, during the last months I released some other HATs for Raspberry Pi, both on PCBWay and my Github


BassCrab looks nice… how can I order couple of them?

I volunteer to be beta tester for the new Volumio product… :slight_smile:

I have two samples only, with components soldered manually… I will let you know If I will trigger production of a small batch

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Maybe we can organise a group buy if we have enough interest.

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no problem with that! I can help to order the assembled PCBs if necessary