Slight Menu Adjustments

Add Documentation to the menu and rearrange the order into a more logical pattern…ie the first 9 items have to do with the player ‘controls’ of some sort. The rest take you off site and credits are usually at the end.

That’s a good idea. Question is how we integrate the documentation into it…
And more interesting question is who’s going to write such documentation :smiley:

Ummmmmmmm, I guess you don’t know Volumio has documentation. Strange.

Or, are we just in contrarian mode?

About ‘integrating’ documentation ‘into it’…its just a web link like Volumio Shop.

Very strange comment.

1)The Volumio YOU work on does not own this documentation
2)You actually had no idea there was documentation
3)I am in an alternate Universe which has documentation for Volumio
4)There is a “Parallel” version of Volumio

Which one is it?


My comment was more like: ok we have a very skinny and development oriented documentation. Is there someone willing to help to make it into a proper user manual and help us integrate it seamlessly (travis-ci or such) into the UI?

Maybe the best place for Documentation is right were it is…on its on URL.

Adding documentation ‘into’ the product causes more problems than its worth and is much harder to maintain…and nearly impossible to have each user with the exact same info because their install is local.

Is there anyone willing to help…sure, all you have to do is ask…or better yet accept my help.

I gladly accept your help!
My point about integrated doc is that Volumio should be used in non-internet enabled environments…

I would suggest that a good starting point would be creating an html template for the integrated docs (we can then route to internet if internet is enabled, if not use the internal doc).
I envision like this:

  • A sidebar on the left where we find all chapters
  • Full page on the right
  • It will work like credits page

Can you help on that?

Sure I can help with that…do we have a template already?

How about topics?

We can take this offline and work out details.

I would gladly help in creating some user friendly documentation

I think something like this could have some of the following chapters:

Hardware requirements
Installation (on different compatible hardware)
Initial set-up
Plug-in installation
Basic plugin set-up
Information about different casting protocols (Airplay, Spotify Connect, DLNA)
Updating the software (over network and manual procedures)
Advanced configuration (hardware volume controll , resampling, Sharing Library, adding NAS, etc…)

Level of detail can be discussed but I was thinking of making it as friendly as possible for the least experienced users to have a good reference to start with.

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Fully agree on it!
@dynobot, do you need some help to start with the html template?

Yes I do please.