Single Click > Add to queue instead of play? (Party Mode)

Hi there,

I am looking for a more user friendly way of adding songs to the queue like a jukebox or party mode.

Currently a single click on the track will delete the queue and play, you can only add to queue via the tiny little 3 dots which on touch screen devices and fat fingers is not user friendly at all.

A party or jukebox mode where a single click on a track adds to the queue would be an awesome feature…

Can this be done?

Hi @tomstephens89 , if you click on the 3 dots to the right of a track, you can select add to queue.

I don’t think you have read my post… :frowning:

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Tom has big fingers and the dots are small :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, missed that sentence, must be my fat eyes. The dots are a bit small on a phone screen.

Don’t you know what it feels like to be ‘that’ guy at a party that deletes the whole play queue and plays what they want instead?

Jukebox mode with default click behaviour being ‘add to queue’ would make Volumio into a party dream so we can all focus on drinking more beer instead of re-constructing the play queue that one of us just wiped!

@SimonE Even when using on a laptop, I find that quickly browsing through artists, one can miss the 3 dots and click the track instead if the page is drawing and it suddenly moves a bit…

Yes, this is a great suggestion.
How many times have I been adding songs and creating a nice atmosphere, when suddenly I miss the dots and blow it all away and have a new track start.

Found Volumio a few weeks ago, over all a very impressive program. Losing your entire que just because you missed tapping 3 tiny dots is a deal breaker. The default action when tapping anywhere on a track should be either add song to the que or at least bring up the same list the 3 dot menu brings up now.

This feature has been requested many many times for a long long time now.

Why it cant be added as an option I dont know, it would only make Volumio better. But hey ho… what do I know.

But I think this post says it all back from 2017… Default Click or Press to Queue