Since update to 2.714 Failed to decode web radio

Since the update to the last version (2.714) I can’t play any web radio… :cry:

I receive the following message :

Capture d’écran 2020-03-04 à 23.00.59.png

Did you have an idea of what’s append?

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I am just going to update mine and see what happens.

Mine has been fine with the last couple of updates.
I did have a lot of issues with Web Radio on an earlier build of Volumio on my R Pi though. It went bad after an update, and no subsequent updates ever fixed it. But when I created a new image on a second micro SD card it all came good (of course I had to reconfigure, and add my My Web Radios back in).

Mine is good, try rebooting. good luck.

I place a fresh copy on my SD card, and same result…

That’s annoying, Have you tried creating a fresh station config in My Web Radios?
That stream you show in your first post works, when I tried it in a browser on my PC.

No I use the list of web radios present in Volumio…

I add web radios based on URL functioning, but nothing change, I can’t play them…

Just for test I tried to play some WEB radios from Volumio list and they all play fine. I updated this copy of Volumio only once because update to 2.713 left me without boot an I needed to reload with fresh image, My current setup is RPi3B+ with I2S DAC using HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro driver and no plugins installed. Interface is set to classic, network is wired.