I would like to include volumio into my home controller but unfortunately I can not use websocket (technology limitation)
I don’t care about api feedback, I simply want to

  • clear queue
  • add and play a given playlist
  • pause/stop/play the queue
  • volume up/down

I tried to achieve that with basic MPD client (like bash: mpdc) but looks like it’s not working

It there another way to achieve that or do we need a new feature in volumio (I though it was present in volumio-1
I possible a basic REST api will be perfect volumio/queue/?action=clear or /clear …

Thx in advance

We are including a REST API in the my_volumio branch: … i/index.js

If you want you can add the call you need (look in the websocket interface file and add them to rest api, then please do a PR)

OK, Thanks I’ll have a look