Silent CD player for Volumio / RPi3


I’ve recently set up a small music player for my office using a RPi3 with an Allo BOSS DAC feeding an Ifi micro-iCAN SE. Volumio as OS of course :slight_smile:
It’s a pure headphone setup that so far (two days in) works really great.

I’m really new to this scene and haven’t got much previous knowledge about configuring Linux, but I’m an IT tech for a living since 22 years back so I know my way around computers in general :slight_smile:

First a very basic question: Can audio CDs be played via Volumio and RPi3?

If so, can anyone recommend a silent CD player that I can use with my setup to play audio CDs?
Or is there a way to modify any generic external USB CD/DVD drive to make it a bit more quiet? My experience with them is that even when playing audio CDs they tend to spin at an unnecessary high speed creating a lot of background noise.

Thanks in advance!

/Regards, BeO