Should Volumio 'official' Plugins be empty?

Hi - I’m a new user of Volumio (v2.873) which I have installed on a Raspberry Pi 4. I read the Volumio documentation, and then looked at the list of ‘official’ plugins, as there are a couple I’m interested in. I went to the Plugins section, and I have a screen displaying 2 tabs - Search Plugins and Installed Plugins. No plugins are shown at all - obviously none on the Installed Plugins tab as I’ve not installed any !

Do I need to do something that is not in the documentation ?

I browsed the forum, and didn’t find anything that helped me solve the problem.

Any help gratefully accepted.


just play with the buttons search and install plugins and after a while the plugin’s will show…

dvo- thanks for the suggestion, but, for various reasons I downloaded, flashed and reinstalled volumio on my raspberry pi. Hey presto ! A load of plugins are now being displayed.