Sharing USB between 2 Raspberry Pi Volumios

I have 2 Raspberry Pis running the latest version of Volumio 2. I have changed the player name of each in the system settings to vol1 and vol2. I have attached a USB memory stick with music files to vol 1 and it is accessing this as a USB device correctly. I would like to use vol1 as a file server and make all the files on the USB stick (mounted at /media/KINGSTON/Music) available to vol2 as a network drive. I have tried changing the /etc/samba/smb.conf file in vol 1 to have the USB section show a path of /media/KINGSTON/Music but I can’t access this from the vol 2. Any help on how I can access the USB in vol1 from vol2 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You need to supply the details here … what have you tried exactly, what files and how have you altered them etc. etc.

If you want one of the RPis to act solely as a file server, then you may well be better off simply using a standard Raspbian image, and following one of the many guides to setting this up you may find on Google.