Sharing a Harddisk attached to Volumio-Raspi4

Volumio 2 on Raspi4
I like it simple. So I have simply plugged in a 1 Gbyte HD into one of the Raspi4´s USB ports while running Volumio and mount it on a couple of Windows10 PC for easy data sharing. Works great. It became so good, that I needed more storage space and attached a 4Gbyte HD instead of the old 1GByte one. But Windows still sees only 1 Gbyte, not 4 Gbyte. Is this a limitation of Volumio´s Linux or is Windows10 somehow stuck with the first drive´s size?

Have formatted it as an exFAT or FAT32? ExFAT is also referred to as a vFAT. ExFAT is better for drives over 2GB.

Another thing is when viewed from Windows you only see the space used, not the available space.

I did format it as NTFS, will save stuff, format as ExFat and try again.

So, I did format it as exFAT. Plugging into Volumio gives me a shared drive that I can mount in Windows10. It does see its 4Gbyte.
However: It is read only from Windows. For some strange reason, it has taken the Disk´s name as I defined under Windows and then attaches all folders, that are under root in Windows, below that folder. So on Windows the disksname is “share” with folder A. Under Volumio´s mount it is folder “share” with subfolder A. All folders are read only. I can change that under Windows-Explorer, but is has no effect. Changing the owner does not work, it say “can not count blocks” or something like that. Any Idea? Would I need to format the disk under Linux? Or is there a special Windwos tool that would do that so Linux sees it corretcly.

Yes, it seems to use the disk volume name as a default mount point name. I do not think it’s a Volumio issue, rather Linux/Unix behaviour.

As to the readonly issue try the “Add Drive” option in windows and use the user name volumio and the password volumio.

I have my solution:

Using NTFS works. It does create a folder with the name of the disk as uppermost mount point when inserted in an Volumio/Raspi USB slot.

When mounting the disk on Win10, I then select not the uppermost share name xxx/usb but that first folder with the name of the disk: xxx/usb/Diskname as mount point.

Then all is good. The folders below are all writable etc.

Using exFAt makes Volumio believe, that my 4Gby disk is 12 Gbyte plus an avalanche of other problems, so I am not using exFAt. It might work with exFat eventually, but I have enough now.

Good to hear. I didn’t think NTFS could be mounted as read write on Debian/Raspberry Pi OS.

Unfortunately it was few months ago so I forget the details but I did have format the disks several times to get them to work properly as exFAT disk.

I join the 3d with a question.
Raspberry Pi4 4GB with HD connected via USB.
In my LAN (on Mac Osx) I can see Volumio and the HD connected via USB. I can also see the content of the HD
I’m connected to Volumio as “guest” (by default) and I can’t move or transfer anything to the HD (while is connected to the Rasp, of course)
If I try to connect to Volumio as “registered user” typing “volumio” as name and “volumio” as password, the system tells me (shaking the window where are the two fields) the pw and/or the name are not correct.
Is there a way to connect to Volumio “server” and to the HD connected?
Thanks in advance

Joachim what was the reason for not seeing 4TB (was it really 4GB??) as 4TB but as 1TB?

I too found by trial that only NTFS disks are writeable over SAMBA :slight_smile:

Roaman, I do not know. It is confusing (sorry, should be Tb of course).
I formated a brand new 4Tb disk as NTFS, copied all the contnet of my old 1TB disk that hitherto was plugged into the Raspi´s USB and then plugged the new 4Tbyte HDD in. Mounted it with Windows as usual. But Win10 would not want to use more the one 1Byte disk space.
I then went through ExFat mounted from WIN at /USB which did not work as posted. Now I am back to NTFS but mount it one folder below /USB … and it works.

I simply use WIn10. Add Network drive. Type in the Raspi´s IP address and then you should see a tree with /USB being the mount point for your disk (or one folder deeper - better)


Thank you.
But let me explain better…
I do see the rasp and the “tree” and the USB HD connected, with its content too… (even if I’m on Mac…)
What I Cannot do, is: adding (or removing) new files to the HD while is connected to the Rasp, via LAN…
This is because I’m “logged” (via LAN) into Volumio as “guest” with very limited possibility of interaction (only view)
I’ m asking for a way (or working password…) to log to Volumio as “registered” or “admin” with all the privileges (read and write).

On Win10 I simply connect without specifying any user/password. I guerss this is a bit of a danger as everybody on your LAN can work with the disk.