Shairport-sync & Hifiberry Digi Volume Too low

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Hi, I have a RaspBerry 3b+ which has been working fine for years but after a failed SD I had to create a new installation.

the problem is that when I try to stream using Shairport, the volume is too low on my receiver, If I ply a file directly or Spotify or Pandora or via UPNP it sounds normall (GOOD) but when using airplay the sound is very low.

This was not heppening before, therefore I really appreciate your help.


Hi, I havent found a real solution for the issue yet and no one has answered but if someone have a similar issue when streaming to Hifiberry DIGI, DIGI+ or Pro this is the workaround I’m using.

I have installed a previous version of Volumio on mi PI (Ver. 2.673) and it’s working as is supposed to.

I dont know what I’m missing with this old version but for me is working OK for now :wink: