Shairport control and status

Shairport is automatically running on my Volumio2/Pi3 system and it’s the only thing that makes any sound at this time.

I can control the Shairport output via playback options, but I see no other way to view or monitor Shairport activity via the UI. It seems that Shairport really isn’t integrated into Volumio2 at all.

Am I missing something here? Should I expect to see it somewhere in the UI, eg in my music, or a plugin, or setup?


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Integrated at all?
Yes, it’s integrated and does what’s supposed to do… What you probably miss are some options to control it, what would you like to have?

Then, displaying metadata output from shairport is not an easy task… but we’ll eventually do in the future…

Right now shairport is totally invisible I the UI. I’d like the UI to at least tell me that Shairport is active, and also if/when it is actually playing something.

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So he’s what I meanT by “integrating” Shairport into the IU.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.02.37 AM.jpg


is there a way to find out by a bash script if volumio is actually playing something via airplay? I have a script running which powers my speakers when something is playing by calling “mpc” and parsing out the playing status. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for sound played by airport.

P.S.: I agree with the thread opener… I spend an hour looking the airplay option in volumio until I noticed airplay available on some of my apple devices. Would be great having at least an enabled/disabled status or switch in the UI.


Yes, a better shairport integration is needed, and we’ll work on that.
As for retrieving the song info, you can take a look at the websocket API reference, and if you have a bit of nodejs knowledge you can make a quick script that does exacly what you want… … -Reference