Shaiport-sync config changes


I have a raspberry pi with Volumio 2 and a HifiBerry.
Now i use shariport-sync in Volumio and want to change some options in the Shairport .config.
After every reboot the raspi the changes are away after Volumio completly rebootet.
In the beginning it’s there. After Volumio website and node etc. started it’s gone.

Can you help me to find this scripts and stop this changings in the .conf?

Do your edits in


BTW, what changes you want to apply? I’m asking so I will integrate in next versions if they make sense for everybody to have

That would be my next step.

I added this:

allow_session_interruption= "yes";

because every time I hear some YouTube music on my Macbook and go on another video, the Airplay server is busy.
The downside. Every other device in the network can interrupt my stream.

Good one, I’ll add it!