Several flaws after update to v2.806

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.806
Hardware: Pi 3 Model B, rev. 1.2
DAC: HiFiBerry DAC Plus

After updating to v2.806 several flaws appeared. So far mostly when dealing with playlists. Clicking on the menu-button of a playlist shows the expected entries, but if I then click on “Play” (this list), the button turns green, but nothing else happens… and the menu does not close.
“Add to queue” does add to queue, but menu does not close either… and “Add to queue” stays highlighted in green.
Same with “clear and play”… Does clear and does play, but menu does not close.

Additionally, the default volume saved in settings send to be ignored… After a reboot the volume is still the same as before the reboot.

A simple way to revert to the last version before latest update would be nice… Now I have to either do a factory reset which will throw me back 18 months or I would have to find an older image to flash and hope that the Backup&Restore-Plugin will work with that.

I don’t like the new “contemporary” layout, prefer the classic. Hope, this will stay as an option for future versions. Changing to contemporary for testing did not help with the flaws mentioned above.

Anyone else with problems like these in the recent version?
Anyone with a clean install of v2.806 from scratch with the same flaws? Would be willing to do a clean install, if I knew this would fix it.

I find that 2.806 doesn’t obey the single/continuous playback option. It always plays continuously.

I have had the issue where playing a song from a Qobuz playlist says “Loading playlist” but doesn’t play the track.

After ota update to the latest version my Pi3b+ is unresponsive in under two hours. Looks like it running out of memory.

Is there a roll back option?