Setting up a USB DAC

Hello, I think that Volumio is a great achievement , I really like using it.

I have a RPI3 with Hifiberry DAC that is brilliant in one room.

Now I’d like to reuse my older RPI2 in another room by connecting Volumio to the USB DAC that is inside my Audiolab 8200CD CD player.

I have used the Audiolab USB DAC in this way for sometime via my Thinkpad running Windows 7 and Synology NAS - and that works well (I just needed to make the specified changes to the configuration of the Audio output parameters in Windows and I think that the Audiolab triggers a windows driver installation inside the laptop when you plug it into a windows laptop USB port)

So how do I do this using Volumio?

I understand that this may require some configuration at the OS-level, and I have played with Putty from Windows but I am a linux beginner and so some instructions would be very helpful thank you.


it should actually work out-of-the-box as the usb audio driver has been included.
Should it not work, then it could be a usb device-specific issue.
In that case please report back, as we would need some more info from you.

Thanks gkkpch, I didnt see anything that seemed to identify the audiolab usb output in Volumio’s playback device drop down list but let me take another look just in case I missed something. Thanks for your rapid advice. rgds Chris

It should have shown the usb audio device when it was connected.
Could you ssh into volumio and do the following

lsusb -t

screenshot uploaded, thanks
putty usb audio.PNG

Well, the dac has not been recognized by your system as a usb 2.0 class 2 audio device.
Please do the following to show what devices and controls alsa reports, your device may not be in the list.

aplay -l aplay -L