Setting Kodi share as NAS mount

Hello gents,

I’m trying to set up my raspberry-based Kodi MC as a file server for my volumio to use.
I have set Kodi to share music libraries via UPnP as detailed here, and can see the folder from my PC. The music sits on a pen drive, mounted at /mnt/usbstorage as can be played on Kodi. I assume from this that all is good so far.

When I try to mount a NAS share in volumio I use the following details:
Source name Kodi
fileshare Protocol NFS
IP address 192.168.0.xx
Remote directory /mnt/usbstorage
Username pi
Password raspberry (defaults, checked via SSH)

Every time though, I get the following error message:
Last system mount error
mount.nfs: Connection timed out
I have also had another error, but not the timeout seems to be the biggest bugbare.



The passwd and user you gave are to connect to the RPI.
But you have to give the user and passwd (if needed) of your NAS. Check permissions on your NAS. Maybe you don’t need passwd.

The RPI is the NAS though, that’s what I’m getting at. The RPI (1) running kodi will share it’s library which is on a USB drive. I can access the library in kodi, and also for a windows PC. The kodi detail s are pi & raspberry, but RPI (2) running volumio won’t connect to it