"Servus" from Munich, Germany

Hi everyone!

I am living with VOLUMIO, and a Virtuoso subscription for TIDAL/QOBUZ integration, since October.

Switched from DAPHILE on a first generation Core2Duo Mac Mini, using BruteFIR to correct my DIY full-range line-source speakers’ in-room response.
That eco-system’s quirks, dying Mac hardware, a donated RPi3B+, and an available BruteFIR plugin got me onto VOLUMIO.
Finally had to get the beefier RPi4B, though, to fix clicks during playback.

The bits then go through a S.M.S.L. X-USB XMOS USB to SPDIF/TOSLINK converter and DIY 24/96 DAC, which connects though a high grade potentiometer to an Onkyo M5550 power amp.

It all sounds very lifelike and natural.
I am very happy with the sound, Volumio’s nicer interface and integration of TIDAL - but there’s always room for improvements!

Adding the original 7" touch screen in portrait mode and installing Chrome Touch Kiosk Keyboard, together with some configuration tinkering, grants everyone instant access to ripped and streamed content.

Bluetooth connectivity allows for using streaming content provider app features while seeking out new music on the big rig.
That said, native streaming content provider feature-support would be my most valued addition to VOLUMIO!

Thanks a ton to all the developers and forum contributors!
Best of listening to all of you,
The Rig.jpg