Send webpage "playback" to HDMI interface for Raspberry Pi4

Hello community,
As the Raspi 4 has two HDMI interfaces I just wonder if it would be possible to bring the page “playback” to one of the HDMI outputs.
This would be nice for getting the informations for the current track to the TV while playing.

Not specific to the raspi 4’s two HDMI interfaces, but check out the kiosk mode (aka touch_display plugin), which can be used to display the WebUI on a display.

Hello ashthepy,
Thank you for your reply.
I have already tried so yesterday. But as by the installation an error occured, I thought the plugin might be not compatible with the raspberry 4 or the GPIOs for touch modules gets checked if they are free for use.
I have five buttons (On/Off, Skip, Play/Pause, Vol- and Vol+) at my Raspsi 4 with Hifiberry and so some GPIOs are in use for them.

If you are willing to play around and set up the right interfaces - use the kiosk service directly ( …

I will give it a try to do the steps manually and see what error comes up and if I can fix it. Thank you!

Either the plugin was not installable because I had changed the password for volumio or it can not be installed if GPIO Buttons or GPIO Control is installed.
After I had uninstalled both and reset the password to default, it was easy to install.
After that I could install both GPIO plugins again and everything works fine.

Thanks for the suggestion to try!

I suppose changing the password has been the problem:

You are right. I restored the old image to SD card, reset the password to default and was able to install the plugin.
Does this mean I have to bring the password to default before installing updates from now?