Selling my Volumio Primo

Hi there,
Israel? I don’t know I have to check. It is $200.00. I found the wireless antenna, so it is complete. I’m guessing that I will have to add shipping to Israel, but the Primo is not heavy. I wouldn’t be that expensive, but I’m just guessing.
If you have Zelle, Venmo or any other known form of wire money, drop me a note.

Hi Julio,
Tried to reply via email - bounced back…
So I’m replying here: $200 seems reasonable.
I need to know: does the unit come with a ‘wall-wart’ style power-supply? if it does, will it work off a 230V mains? (that’s what we have in Israel).
As for the money-transfer: we’ll find a way to pay you.
Please, don’t hold the unit for me if you have another buyer, as 1. I’ll need a couple of days to raise the funds and 2. because of the covid-19 virus, there seems to be a halt in packages shipped to Isreal (via air-mail). But, before we proceed, I do need to know about the 230V compatibility.
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Hi Yuval,
Wel… I need to check on the voltage. I know you guys and Europe use 220v and 50Hz. I’ll let you know. I am not in a hurry to sell the unit.
Stay safe,
Thank you for your interest.

Try to change the cable (put the curious cable in) and power everything down. Then turn on your DAC first followed by your Magna Mano.
In a nutshell: D90 first; wait 10 seconds (or whatever long it takes to completely boot on) and then turn your Magna Mano on. Then go ahead and try Volumio (give it a few seconds also)
Post back. I hope this helps.

Hey JulioCSolar, thanks for the suggestion. I actually wound up just sending the curious cable back. I’m not sure if it was DAC compatibility or the Mano. I’m running an I2S cable right now, and actually I don’t have to keep switching back and forth between the two just running the one cable. The USB was mostly for the MQA. I just decided to run the I2S and that works as the most convenient without having to switch cables.

Hi Julio,
Didn’t hear from you…
Did you check about (the Primo) being compatible with 220V mains?
Thanks and Regards,
Yuval (Israel).

Speaking as an early adopter of digital room correction, acoustic room treatment is always better than digital room correction. No amount of digital correction can fix a cancellation null, for example.

Hi Yuval,

This is highly regarded as one of the best budget oriented power supplies. You just need to order the 5V output, it is suitable for both voltages: 115v -220 v. Also, It comes with several different prongs. I’m confident that it will work in Israel.
You can find it here: iPower by iFi audio | Low Noise DC Power Supply with International Travel Adapters

I totally agree, but I can’t do anything regarding the dimensions of my listening room: it is a small square; worst scenario for music. I’ll tell you what though, without the miniDSP would be miserable to listen to music in my media room.

My unit is only 120v, but on my other comment, I suggest you a really good solution.


Just wondering whether the primo is still available? And would you be able to ship it to malaysia, i would pay for the charges.

The Primo is still available and in prime condition. Its price has been increased to $300.00usd with only paypal payment option.
Thank you for your interest.

I still have the Volumio Primo for sale. $300.00 usd. Paypal only. All its accessories are available. Anyone? Shipping is included only for the continental USA.