Selection window in file list not fading away as it should

Interface issue: When selecting tracks to add to a playlist, the multiple choice window is now getting stuck on, making choosing the next track difficult.

This window used to fade away after clicking a choice, but now it requires a second click somewhere else to get it to go away, making it difficult to select the next track for instance. There aren’t a lot of places to click that don’t produce unwanted results.


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.834
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
DAC: HIFiBerry Digi+ Pro

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. in volumio interface, select music library, then USB or whatever gives a file list
  2. Select a track, then click at the right end, the pop up shows up - select add to qeue, window should fade out after the selection is made, but doesn't

Additional Information

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Yes same problem here. Not sure when this problem was first introduced.

I have also experienced this problem. Running version 2.834 on a Rpi 3

Yes, same issue here with Volumio v. 2.852

RPi3b - IQaudIO DAC Plus

It seems to be fixed as of 2.853 for me. Just installed, the box disappears as expected. Thanks!