Seeking case for Abacus AroioDAC

I recently setup Volumio on a RP3B+ and am in the process of building a system around this.

I have a Rega Elex-R arriving in a few days, which I picked up for a bargain price, so am keen to find a solution for the DAC. After trawling through comments in this community I settled on the Abacus AroioDAC. It seems highly rated and around what I would like to spend on my 3B+. Open to other suggestions if someone has a better recommendation for this price.

Before I order, I just wanted to see if anyone has a recommendation for a suitable case for this? It doesn’t have to be visually stunning as it will be hidden away. Something practical and able to keep the insides from getting dusty. Thanks in advance!

To answer my own question, I reached out to max2play shop (where I’ll buy the DAC) to see what they recommend. It seems that the Abacus AroioDAC fits in a HiFiBerry case. So I’ll grab myself one of those.