Seek via Http Rest / Help with websocket


Im creating a plugin for my home automation system ( This remote platform allows integration of various hardware devices and api via a JS scripting process so works well with the volumio platform.

Is it possible to do a seek via the REST API?

Also Im using the http rest for now (hence first question) but would like to move to the WS process at some point. Im struggling to connect to the socket though. The home remote uses as its ws platform with the sytax /:

socket.connect(ws://ip:port); where socket is the ws. Is there anyway I can adopt this to work with Volumio?



Hi John,
we use, which is not vanilla websocket.

See: WebSocket APIs - Volumio Documentation


I saw that, so I assume the WS protocols are not compatible?


No, is something on its own, but there are libraries available for all major programming environments