seeing name of the Radiostation in Playlist

When i want to hear webradio i go to Browse-Webradio and right-click to add the station i want.
I Playlist i see the name of the Radiostation with the small line undefinded-undefined.
When klickink the play butten, i see the name of the title that’s played. But i can’t see the name of the Radiostation.
So, when i took a lott of Station in my Playlist, i can’t see the Names of the Radiostations - i only can see zhe last played song.

Is it possible to format Volumio that it shows the Radiostation Name instead the Song-Title in the Playlist.

As you can see, English is not my favorite Language, but i hope you can understand what i want :wink:


I have the same issue, know somebody any solution? :question:

There is an new posting with the same “Problem”: