Security update?!

Is it possible to do a

apt-get update && upgrade

without breaking Volumio 1.5?
I mean Volumio is based on JESSIE (which is currently in development) so there will be a lot of updates and securrity issues.

Kind regards Christoph

Dear Cristoph,
upgrading will break the system, cause there are custom compiled packages which are not meant to be replaced (mostly nginx and php5).
Actually Volumio is based on Wheezy, with few packages on Jessie, which are needed for latest MPD. This results in some dependencies to require Jessie for newer packages. The outcome is a core system on Wheezy, some custom compiled ones and Mpd dependencies on Jessie.
The system is meant to be used as is, there are so many interconnections beetween packages . This means that you can upgrade only if you can know where to look if something doesn’t work, and fix it.
As soon as Jessie will become stable, I will port the entire distro to it.

Yeah i thought so…

I tried it :laughing: and had to re-flash my SD-Card.

Thank you for your great work and your fast reply.


I installed Ampache on Volumio, and I know the system updated php5 in the process of installing Ampache dependencies. Everything seems to still work though.

I’m not that knowledgeable about Linux, but so that people can install packages without breaking the system, would that be possible to indicate to exclude certain packages that could break things in the apt sources.list ? I don’t know.

This would just trow you deeper in the dependency hell.
Volumio basically is a striped down version of linux to do just what it does as optimal as possible.
So most of the upgradeable packages are breaking volumio when upgraded