Security problem under Volumio 3

Hi folks,

I’d like to know if its possible to remove the feature “Delete Folder” from the Music Library browsing of the Volume web interface.
I find this is a dangerous feature as you can delete all your music files this way. It tooks me time to add all tag of me music so I dont’ want to lose everything this way.
I tried to write protect my files using this shell command :
chmod -R 555 mymusic
but it had no effect : the backup processes are certainly running root . Is is possible to run theses processes under an unprivileged username ? Or remove this “Delete Folder” from the menu entries ?

Thanks for all help


For this reason, I created my own “Music” share on my Synology NAS, which is read-only. So no data can be deleted.

I agree with you.
Finally I created a samba shared folder as read-only on my volumio server, connected to it as cfs in the source settings ( a loopback on ip adress ) and then checked it works fine.
The “Delete Folder” entry on the right-click button has disappeared .

So it works fine, but the time to update my library is by far much longer . That’s the price for safety.