Sebastien from Japan

Hello everyone,
I am Sebastien (Malc0lm), I am French but I live in Japan.
I was into Hi-Fi in the 80-90s and went back to it 1-2 years ago through vintage (70-80s) Japanese amps and speakers.

I still wanted to get the benefit of modernity for the audio sources without sacrifice of quality.
I am also budget conscious, so that led me to Pi DAC and Volumio.

My audio:
Source: Raspberry PI3 + Allo Piano 2.1 DAC, I have a Kali recloker too
Amplifier: Tube Luxman A3500 and Solid State DC Luxman 5M21.
Speakers: Sansui/JBL SP-LE8T (full range)

I like various genres starting with Led Zep, Dire Straight, AC/DC, Guns, through Clapton, Ben Harper till Daft-Punk, Massive Attack, etc. I am not so knowledgeable about Latin, Classic, Jazz and so many other things…

I like to have enveloping sound filling the room with great details, solid bass.
I am getting 40yo so whatever above 16khz is not much of a concern for me :laughing:

Thanks for this great solution, I love Volumio.