Search (Portrait mode) & Qobuz 192kHz


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.917
Hardware: RaspPi 3B
DAC: HifiBerry Digi+ Pro

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. set audio quality for Qobuz at best possible or 24Bit/196kHz
  2. play music with 196khZ sample rate at Qobuz
  3. no audio output unless sample rate is reduced to 96kHz

Additional Information


first post here. I just installed Volumio on an old Raspberry Pi 3 B I had unused on the shelf. Bought a Hifiberry Digi+ Pro to have digital output into my amplifier. Now I am trying different streaming services to see which one suits me better.
Two things I noticed so far:

1.) Volumio interface in portrait mode (Android app or on browser on Tablet/Smartphone): does not show the search field when at an individual service when the UI is set to the modern look. It is available at the classic look. Means I have to go to landscape mode every time I want to search something when at a specific service (e.g. Qobuz). Not a big deal, but annoying.

2.) Qobuz does not work for sample rates > 96 kHz. At least with my HIFIBerry Digi+ Pro. When I set the audio quality to 24Bit/96kHz it works, else it stays silent when the music has higher sample rates. Is this a known bug? Amplifier can deal with 192 kHz. I tested both with optical and wired output.

Else great product! Still undecided which service I will use in the future. Everyone has its ups and downs.

Is there already an idea if Spotify HIFI will be supported as basic future or only with a paid subscription? If it will arrive finally.


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I don’t think Hifiberry supports more than 24/96.

Never mind, it was 24/192.

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Yes, it should support 24/192. Not that I would hear any difference to be honest, so not a big deal for me for audio quality. But it took me some time to find why I didn´t hear anything (Volumio showed it as playing)…