Search plays wrong album when there are duplicate album names


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.777
Hardware: Pi 4
DAC: HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Search for an Artist
  2. Select an Album off the results list to play that has the same name as an album by another artist in your library
  3. The wrong album (right title plays)

Additional Information

In my case I have 2 Albums entitled Gold [Disc 1]. One by the Temptations, the other by Cream. If I search for the Temptations and select play Gold [Disc 1], the album by Cream plays. If I search for Cream and select Gold [Disc 1] it plays the correct album

There’s your clue.
I reckon go and load both those albums (one at a time) into a tag editor like MP3Tag, carefully examine the tagging. What are the differences?
Album Artist

Look for differences between the one that plays correctly from the search results, then make ammendments to the one that doesn’t play correctly. Test again and see if you’ve got it sorted.

The MP3 files look fine. It appears to blindly play an Album by name, when it needs to be qualified.

mp3tag-Temptations.html.txt (1.7 KB) mp3tag-Cream.html.txt (1.7 KB)

Maybe is the same issue I report on Add to playlist with same album name

Looks similar. I have also see the behavior you reported too.

This was a problem on previous versions, but it was once resolved (2 - 3 years ago). It looks like the bug has been reintroduced in version 2.806 (or earlier). I have 4 albums in my library called “best of”, and when I add one of the albums (Elvis Costello - Best of) to the queue, it adds all 4 albums. Same results with “greatest hits” and “live in Paris”.