Search leads to results and then to "Error No results"

I recently became aware of the project and am excited about it.

Now I have noticed that, if I am searching for an artist that is only be found once and is on a collection with various artists, the result is shown to me, but I cannot select it. If I try it comes the message “Error No results”.

If I search for the track title of the artist, Volumio can play the song.

Even if I am looking for an artist who, for example, appears twice in my collection. Once only with a single song and once a song in a collection. When I click on the artist’s result, I only see the single song, but not the one from the collection.

Is that a bug or is there something wrong with my MP3 tag?
The MP3 tag for the collection is structured as follows.
Colletion = 1
Album = Abum Name
Artist = Artist Name
Album Artist = Various Artists
Track = Track Name

Anyone an idea?