Search function

The search function in Volumio always returns only ONE artist and only ONE album (assuming there are some matches to the search string). Looking at the code it ‘LOOKS’ like someone has done a temporary fix to stop duplicates being queried which would create a duplicate deferred request and crash, but it now exits the search at the first match (there is a ‘return’ statement which terminates the search for further matches).

I want to understand what has happened before with this because I have modified the mpd index file so that it works properly and returns ALL matching artists and ALL matching albums. I am not sure if I should post this here or on the GIT so I have done both. I would appreciate some feedback before I submit a pull request.

Thanks for looking into this, please submit a PR so we can take a look and comment there…
I think this would be the best option

OK - PR submitted :slight_smile: