Search folders

Is it possible to find music by folders but not by the artist and albums?
For example

  1. If I scroll USB music library to some folder XYZ - I can click on it and view all nested subfolders (albums)
  2. But when type ‘XYZ’ in “Input” field artist ‘XYZ’ cab be found with only part of his albums, or even not found at all.

I know that my music library is not organized well, but I don’t have any problems with having the possibility to navigate via folders.
(I don’t remember concrete names, but some Upnp servers allow to navigate on their content via folders, difficult to believe that it is impossible via Volumio client.)

I tried WEB and android client, played with the configuration etc

What am I doing wrong?
Best, Sergey

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Is it impossible or nobody needs to navigate his music library as file system?

Hello there.
That´s no answer, that´s an opinion - and it´s yours.
I also don´t like the sorting by interpret or genre or album, because if there is a “ft. XXX” it always show as new album/interpret. So I often have album XYZ 12 times and if I search for excample for “Fragma” I do get 8 Results. Or maybe I do get 3 results, even if I have 25 Songs, just correctly named in the Filename, but “Unknown” as interpret.
So I have a correct and excelent (for my purposes) folder-system, build over years.
I can´t use players without that folder-struktures.

Anyway, neither me nor this guy upper there should be forced to explain ourselves, why we do not want or want something. We also don´t bother you, why you don´t use a folderbased structure.

So I repeat the question:

Is it possible, somehow, someway, to search or to show a folder stucture on the Volumio browser-GUI?