Search does not use the "albumartist" tag?

Hi experts,

I tag my music collection mostly from MusicBrainz. For classical music, this means that the “artist” tag usually contains the composer, and the “albumartist” includes composer and detail on the main performers.

Even if the “albumartist” is displayed in both the “Albums” and “Artists” views, it seems that it is not used when searching for albums or artists. Could you confirm this and in case suggest a fix? I have not understood if it is an feature at the level of the mpd search or the volumio interface to mpd. Searching using the albumartist would be extremely useful to look for performers independently of the piece they perform :slight_smile:

More generally, it would be great if the fields used in the search could be customized (I have not found how to do this, if at all possible).

Many thanks!