SD Card Capacity

I filled my 16GB card with FLAC files and it crashed Volume and trashed my SD card; can’t re-format and image. It worked flawlessly until it got down to the last few hundred MBs.

I was using an iMac to transfer the files via the “shared” connection and dropped them into the NAS folder. I would love to do this on a large scale, say 512GB if possible. Is there a proper way to achieve a self contained RPi3 DAP?


It is definetely possible, altough the SD Card is the worst place where to put all your files : the more you write at it, the more chances there are it gets corrupt.
So, if you want to do it, make sure you use a good quality SD Card.
If you can’t reimage your SD use sdcardformatter utility to try to rescue it:

thanks for the reply.

what if I never plan to write over the initial file download? Shouldn’t be a problem correct?

I will make, “Awesome Tape Mix #6” and if I want to play “Awesome Tape Mix #2” I’d switch it out.

If you just write files once that should not be a problem, but make sure you don’t entirely fill the SD Card. Leave at least 2gb free

With 256gb micro sd cards hovering just over $100 you can store more music than you could listen to in a year.
My travel rig has at least a 2.000 songs.

Yes, you should leave some space there. Then It will work smoothly.