[Script] Senti(p)nel, it tweets your (local) IP

Hi there,

If you do forget the address of your pi, you may be interested into Senti§nel.

Senti§nel will tweet your IP, and if you follow the step-by-step configuration, it will be done every time the pi boots.
Using it, you will only have to remember the name of your twitter account (*), which never changes :wink:

You can see more about this project here : https://bitbucket.org/0xAvier/senti-p-nel/overview.
You can download it there : https://bitbucket.org/0xAvier/senti-p-nel/downloads/.

The all installation takes ~20 minutes. Less if you are familiar with creating Twitter bot, and installation process on unix.

After those 20 minutes, you may have the following tweet-list:

Feel free to ask / post any answer / question,

(*) You may want to create a new account dedicated to that

Have you checked that this works without causing conflicts with Volumio?

Yes, it work very well alongside of my up-to-date Volumio !