Screen goes grey and blinks twice using 7 inch touch screen when "volumio" touched

Not sure if this is only an issue with the latest update. I am using a RPI4 with the official 7 inch touch screen. When “volumio” is touched in the LH corner of the touchscreen it goes grey and blinks twice before the GUI screen comes back. This is annoying and does not look professional. Can this issue be stopped with an update?

As far as I can see this is neither specific to the 7" touch screen nor the touch display plugin. The same happens if you use a browser on another device (smartphone, PC…) and click on “VOLUMIO”.

My experience is only with the 7 inch touchscreen going grey and blinking twice. Accessing via smartphone or the via the web GUI on a PC is fine. When one wakes up the touch screen it is usually by touching the left hand corner over "volumio"which results in the annoying grey screen. I am using the classic interface. It does suggest a minor tweak to the touchscreen driver to rectify this. Is “volumio” on the GUI a dead link or meant to be a screen refresh? as it does appear to refresh the screen on the web GUI via Pc. It is just annoying on the 7 inch touchscreen as it takes some time to refresh and goes grey.

I could imagine it depends on the browser. On the locally connected touch screen runs chromium-browser. On my tests from other devices I have been using Firefox which shows the same grey background. I now also tried with the Lightning browser on Android and Internet Explorer on a Windows 10 machine. Only the Lightning browser does not show the grey background while IE does, too. What browser do you use?

Chromium on the touch screen goes grey and blinks twice in a row. Google chrome on my PC is ok.
I guess it is just an annoying screen refresh that does not look good when using the touch screen as it takes a few seconds and is the main point to touch the screen when waking it up. Internet explorer on the pc is fine.

It is some kind of screen refresh but it is not hardware or driver related imho. I think it is a reload of the Volumio “homepage” caused by calling “redirect” which leads to “indexstate-redirect” on a system without a connected myVolumio account.

I have a connected myVolumio account on 2 Raspberry pi units with 7 inch touchscreens. Both do the same thing. I agree it is definitely a screen refresh but it behaves very differently on the 7 inch touchscreen to a pc. The volumio refresh is placed in a bad spot for the 7 inch touchscreen and would not be a problem if it did not grey out and blink twice over 5 seconds.