Schiit Audio Gungnir and Loki DAC -Observations

I received the Gungnir and Loki DACs this past Saturday. Switching between DACs is cumbersome and sometimes requires a reboot of RPi.
The sound just after half a day of listening is stunning, specially with the Gungnir. The DACs are listed as “Device” and “Device_1” in Volumio settings.
I once found switching from Gungnir to Loki that “Device_1” was missing, so a RPi reboot was required.

I do get pops and click with high resolution files, especially DSD files. (Pops and click with Teac UD-501 as well.)
Funny thing is, it’s so smooth that the pops and clicks sound like a record.
Doesn’t sound digital when using Loki DSD DAC. The output is less than great with the Loki, but it has to be expect with Op Amps and USB power.
I read a review where the reviewer used and external USB power supply for the Loki, but the power supply cost more than the Loki itself.

The HW/SW combination works, but some small issues. The Gungnir sort of shames the UD-501 as a PCM type DAC, but the Teac 501 is all-in-one, and the DSD sounds slightly better; is recognized by Volumio straight away. There is a big convenience factor with the UD-501. It also has a display screen, with some might believe is a noise draw back, but also very convenient. Gungnir has no screen, but I don’t really miss it.
In the UD-501’s defense, it has Op amp outputs. Gungnir uses discrete jfets outputs. Maybe an upgrade of discrete op amps would better the UD-501, if there is space in the case.

Any suggestions in removing pops and clicks in RPi / Volumio hi-rez setup? I tried the setting in System, and Playback, but with little change, if any.


You made me really curious about that whatiscalled DAC… They are sort of misterous box for me… Sometimes I think their is just brilliant marketing, sometimes gotta admit they are brilliant engineers…

Anyway, I’m improving the situation, you can however take a look here:

There is some solution I’m implementing in next release

Thank you, Michaelangelo.

They are very good DACs. When they upgrade a board, all I have to do is order a new board, not buy a new DAC.
Very much like PC upgrades. After all, a DAC is just another computer.

Well, I’m not telling you something you don’t already know! :wink:

Thank you and I’ll keep an eye out for a new version.



Would you know if the Gungnir “buy new gear” light comes on when you use the Raspberry Pi with it?

I don’t know what “buy new gear light” is. :question:

I just realized you might be joking.

I only use the Loki with the RPi. Gungnir is only used in my windows music server. Loki us recognized by the volumio/RPI setup but doesn’t play DSDs. Sound is distorted.

I’m really curious about the gungnir. I am waiting to receive mine. I already got everything in place for when it arrives (good BNC cable which will be connected to hifiberry digi+) and a lineair power adapter for the raspberry pi with netfiltering. maybe a lil over the top, but it’s still a fair price altogether compared to -the expensive streamer brands-

I’m have no intent myself to go for DSD. I also personally didn’t like the sound of SACD. I prefer PCM sound. But that’s very personal :wink:

Well, Gungnir sounds great. I’m sure it will work in your setup. It’s worth it.

Actually I wasn’t joking. The Gungnir has an indicator light on the far right that tells you whether it is doing VCXO or VCO reclocking. It’s on the FAQ for the Gungnir at the Schiit website.

I didn’t even know that a BNC connection was an option for the hifiberry digi+. Or are you using an RCA to BNC adapter in order to use the cable?

I moved on from rpi/volumin combo.

I’m using indeed an RCA to BNC adapter :slight_smile:

I wanted to be future proof; and it’s an expensive cable (Audioquest Hawkeye).
Now i’m moving from the hifiberry digi to another implementation of spdif (namely; the Ian’s fifo reclock board including isolator and s/pdif receiver. Just not sure yet about the proper clocks yet, but they can be replaced.

In the mean time, I’ve received the upgrade for my Gungnir to multibit. I had to get used ot the sound. First notice was really flat sound… but then I realized I put my outputs both on one side, rather than stereo…explains :smiley:. Now, it sounds pretty good. The soundstage is alot better. The bass is a bit tighter… not so sure I like all the changes to the sound, but that’s something perhaps that goes away after burn in period.