Scheduled Library Scan

I am quite new on volumio and just started to play with it.
I am running version 2.673 on Raspberry PI 3b, and for now I have not yet a DAC, but I am using embedded audio device.
I connected 2 cifs folder, shared by my NAS, a Synology DS21+.
Issue I have is that if I add music into shared folders, Volumio do not update its library until I perform a manual Library Update from Web Interface.
Is there a way to schedule an automatica Library Update, in example, every hour?



It might be bad idea if you have big library. With my library (around 2TB on windows share) scan takes about 6 hours on RPi1 and 2 hours on RPi3. During this time you can’t normally browse library an add to playlist. Another thing is that in some cases, because of damaged audio file, scan can stuck forever. I don’t think such option exists at this time, one of causes might be that RPi has no real time clock.