save State

Hello everyone, I would like an idea of ​​how to develop a plugin or modification in volumiosw to save all memory in execution (play or stop, last song and position executed)

for example when turning volumiosw off in the play state and turning it on again it should automatically play back the point from where it was turned off.

any suggestion ?

Héllo Friend any sugesstion?

Save queue playing pósitron?


Dear, can anyone help me? I’m willing to pay someone to create this plug-in or even this modification, because currently today I can not use the volume in my car, because every time I turn it back at the beginning of the queue, I would just like it to come back in the last song played .
Hugs to all,


It’s actually a good idea, but this does not exist for Volumio… yet.

really, I find a necessary resource and also I think it is simple to develop, so I am offering to pay whoever wants to develop this function.