Save Mouse Clicks by.....

Creating quick access to frequent used menu’s like Web radio stations, Spotify, Playlists, and Media Library.

Hover over the left side of the menu

Will reveal a Menu Item list shown

Select it and the Web Radio Favorites appear to select

Once selected it fades away to your normal screen




Yes but in mobile you don’t have hover… :wink:

But you do have long press :smiley:

This is a good idea, we need to find an ideal and “self-explanatory” placement…

You could also put very small unobtrusive tabs that can be hovered on or clicked to show the full text.

Problem solved for tablets and PC’s, plus it will help people know where to hover/click.

As for the self explanatory part, how about having all available tabs show themselves for say a second or two when the main page is first displayed. Then retract back to a very small tab. This way users will see that their are tabs with “Web Radio” , “Playlists” etc on them…they will more than likely hover or click on them just to see what they do at the very least.